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If you're new to d2mondo, then LITE is the place to start creating your band site; easy to use and FREE forever. Sign up now >>
And when you're ready, seamlessly upgrade to PRO for the complete, professional package.
So, what's in LITE?
Free and Easy
FREE means "NO monthly license fee", which means you get to have a gorgeous site and all the hosting and bandwidth, without spending a penny.
Easy means everything you need in one place, with a simple toolkit anyone can use. Go live in a couple hours.

Selling your music
Upload your mp3 files, artwork and lyrics, and sell direct to your fans, collecting the money in your own PayPal account, simple and secure. We don't take your money, we bill you at the end of the month for a small percentage of all transactions.
More info

Live listings
For djs, artists and bands, gigs are lifeblood. Write the details for each gig, embed flyers and links to ticket vendors, and have an automated listing generated on your site.

Blog everything!
Communication is a 2-way thing! Add your news and views, and interact with your fans through their comments.

Give your fans, the media, and those lovely A'n'R scouts the inside story with a purpose-built bio page.

Your site, your design
Customise your site with the 'Designer'; upload your banner, background image, and set all colours with ease - it literally takes a few minutes to get your own unique style. Add yourname.com at no charge from us.

Upgrade to PRO
If you feel the need for more features then simply upgrade to d2mondo PRO, our premium platform. Your existing site will be seamlessly ported, and you will have access to the full range of PRO features. Click here for more info.

Other stuff
Well, there's lots more, including:

  • SEO: your sites are optimised for high search rankings
  • Reports: easy 'dashbord' view of all site activity, and detailed exportable reports including detailed sales and customer reports, site activity and fan activity.
  • Build your mailing list with our simple sign-up widget
  • Links. Easily link to Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.
Sign up now and start using LITE today.

There are heaps of additional features in our premium service - PRO, so check them out, and if there's anything you really need, let us know - we love to hear from you!