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d2mondo eCommerce terms and rates


These terms extend the d2mondo Limited (d2mondo) Terms of Use agreement, and by accepting the Terms of use, you will also be accepting these service terms. These terms may, from time-to-time, be altered, in which case we will email you to notify any significant changes, however it is your responsibility to visit this page regularly, and to stay abreast of the details of this service.

In brief, we provide the technology platform by which you are made able to trade; we do not trade with your customers; your customers are YOUR customers, and so with your products, your relationship, your responsibilities and obligations. You are responsible for providing eCommerce to your customers with diligence and care, transparency and fairness. We charge a percentage of your total monthly transactions; if you don’t sell, we don’t charge. Our rates are very competitive, as you will see below.

What the d2mondo ecommerce service is

The d2mondo ecommerce service provides you with a product and content management system for merchandising products and services on your d2mondo Web site property, with a view to selling them via the d2mondo shopping basket.

In-built in the service are PayPal TM and Google Checkout TM payment options. Integration of alternative payment providers can be commissioned as a bespoke development – contact info@d2mondo.com for more information and to arrange an appointment for further discussion.

In order to take advantage of either of these payment options, you will need to register with said payment providers. This is a simple process, after which you will be able to trade and accept payments directly.

All payments made by your customer are paid into your account (PayPal or Google), and d2mondo plays no part in accepting payment, outside of providing the Web-based mechanism. d2mondo will send you an automated email invoice, once per calendar month, which you will be obliged to pay via the d2mondo PayPal account, all details of which will be included in the electronic invoice. Full details on fees, rates and payment are below.

When a customer makes a successful purchase, you will, receive an email notification of the purchase (click here to see an example), and the customer will receive order confirmation (click here to see an example). You can also check the details of all orders by checking the ‘Reports’ section, under the ‘General ‘tab of the d2mondo CMS.

It will be your responsibility to fulfill all orders, with the exception of specific digital products, as described below.

Digital products (at this time digital music downloads only) can be uploaded into the d2mondo system, and merchandised for sale. Upon purchase, customers will receive an email from d2mondo with details of the purchase and Web links to download the content from their personalised customer account area.

What the d2mondo ecommerce service is not

At this time, d2mondo does not offer physical fulfillment of products nor does it provide digital fulfillment, excepting, at this time, digital music downloads. It is your responsibility to fulfill all orders, in a responsible and timely manner.

At this time, d2mondo does not provide customer support or customer care services for your customers. It is your responsibility to provide these.

d2mondo does not provide you with terms and conditions of sale, exchange, or give-away of products and services. It is your responsibility to provide these as they will constitute the sales contract you make with your customers, and thus your mutual obligation.

d2mondo is not responsible for refunds, returns or replacement of any products and services that you sell to your customers. This is your responsibility, and should form part of the detail of your terms of sale.

The d2mondo platform does provide blank templates within the system for adding these essential documents. You will find these within the Content Manager area of your CMS.


1.      For sale of all products - excluding digital download mp3 files- see point 2 below - but including music (e.g. CD and vinyl), merchandise (e.g. T-shirts, bags, badges), membership and tickets, d2mondo charges 10% of your gross monthly turnover, excluding any postal/shipping charges.

2.      For sale of digital download mp3 files, d2mondo charges 10% of the retail price or 5 pence, whichever is the greatest, for each file sold. Note: the minimum charge of 5 pence per mp3 sold is to ensure that d2mondo covers the costs related to the mp3 download service and the fulfillment of mp3 files to your customers.


You will receive an automated email invoice from d2mondo, once per calendar month, based upon your gross turnover the previous month. You will be required by this agreement to make payment directly into the d2mondo PayPal account, instructions for which will be included in the invoice.

Failure to make payment within thirty – 30 – days of the invoice date will result in partial suspension of your service;  logging into the d2mondo CMS will result in you being directed to a payment reminder page. You will not be able to use the d2mondo CMS functions.

If you still have not made payment by sixty – 60 – days from the invoice date, your Web site property may be taken down. Any time beyond the sixty days, d2mondo may permanently terminate your Service. You will not be entitled to any of the content or data held within the d2mondo system unless full, outstanding payment is made. If Payment is not made after sixty days, d2mondo maintains the right to delete all of your content, records and data from the d2mondo system.

Your responsibility to your customers

You must provide suitable terms of sale, product descriptions, and fulfillment of products, to your customers. This is solely your responsibility. If we believe you are not providing a good service to your customers, either directly, or by reported claims, we will investigate, and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service, without prior notice or explanation, and without any obligation to reimburse payments, for any of the services you have acquired, that you have made to d2mondo.


For more information regarding the d2mondo eCommerce service and rates, email to info@d2mondo.com

Thank you,

The d2mondo team.